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What are people saying about Bethany?

"My wife Gwen and I benefited tremendously from hypnobirthing classes with Bethany. First, her knowledge is sound and comprehensive, and she imparts it with passion and humor. She is knowledgeable and at the same time respects different beliefs, doubts and so on about the birthing process. No question fazes her, and she is very prompt and professional about following up with extra resources, connections, etc. Second, she transmits her knowledge effectively, through useful take-and-go materials, videos, images, personal Q&A, and clear lesson plans. Finally, she's just a really really nice person to know, with a pleasant, nurturing personality; personal experience as a mother; and empathy for us and our concerns. With her coaching, we were much better prepared for our first child's birth and were able to put her tools to great use." - Lu-Fong, HypnoBirthing Dad


"It has been almost a year now since our twin girls, Violet and Adena were born.  We feel lucky to have met you when we decided to use the Hypnobirthing technique for our girls’ birth.  You were very helpful to us both in teaching the class and in answering our many questions up to and after the birth.  We have been very happy with our decision to use the Hypnobirthing method, as we feel that it contributed to a successful vaginal birth without the use of pain medications, and your guidance throughout the process was very helpful.  We are discovering that it is becoming more of a rare thing for women to be able to experience a natural birth without major medical interventions; we have spoken with many other families who have recently had children and the majority of them ended up having C-sections!  Also, many people who have met our girls have commented on how alert and interactive they are.  We attribute this at least in part to a peaceful, drug-free birth.

We appreciated your willingness to drive from Corning to Syracuse in the middle of the night to be with us as our Doula and Hypnobirthing coach; this was no small feat with young children of your own!  We are also very happy that we decided to have you take pictures during the birthing process.  The beautiful photographs that you were able to take are something that we will treasure for our lives, and the slideshow that you compiled afterward is breathtaking!  The birthing process was so intense for the two of us that trying to take pictures was the last thing on our minds;  having you there to do it for us was wonderful and completely unobtrusive.

In closing, we want to thank you again for your kind and gentle coaching and encouragement.  We were grateful to have you be a part of our experience in the start of our family!"- Luke and Christy, HypnoBirthing couple and Bethany's 1st Doula family


"Why hire a doula?  Honestly, we didn't even know what a doula was when our pregnancy began.  By definition, a doula is a woman who assists women during labor and after childbirth.  This being our first baby, we had no idea what to expect.  It was an easy decision to seek assistance from one who has had multiple births herself, and who has attended/assisted in many others.  We met Bethany as our instructor during hypnobirthing classes (which we highly recommend you take), and instantly felt comfortable in her presence.  The level of that comfort grew steadily with each class.  It was a no-brainier to invite her to share in our momentous occasion.  What did she do?  Bethany only stayed with us through every minute of 22 hours of labor (birthing), calming and reassuring mom (and dad) -to-be every step along the way.  She knew exactly when to get hands-on through light touch, massage, changing positions, and use of essential oils.  She also knew when to be hands-off, and allow nature to take its course.  All the while she was skillful, calm, considerate, attentive...Bethany was an invaluable part of the birthing team.  Our birth ended in c-section after those 22 hours of trying naturally, and Bethany was still there.  She stayed until Drew had his first meal.  Again, she was invaluable as she helped new mom get comfortable with breastfeeding.  Bethany stopped by a week or so later, and gave more insight into the nuances of motherhood, especially with the challenges of breastfeeding.  She remains available to us, encouraging us to contact her with any possible question or concern we might have.  She is truly a kind and compassionate soul.  The "expense" of hiring Bethany as a doula is a pittance compared with the value of all she gives you. Forever Grateful" - Kaz, David, and Drew", HypnoBirthing and Doula family


"I had heard from a coworker about the benefits of Hypnobirthing and having a Doula. I had always preferred to go the natural route, but didn’t think there would be many options in the southern tier. Luckily, my midwife suggested I contact Bethany with Lotus Baby Birth Services.
I had an immediate, positive response from her along with helpful information on Hypnobirthing and Doulas. I instantly knew this was the right person to help me prepare for my child’s birth as well as the perfect way to accomplish a drug-free, calm birth. As soon as I walked in to the first session I felt at ease. Bethany had a genuine smile welcoming my husband and myself. We could tell she truly loves what she does.
Throughout the sessions, Bethany was sure to work at our pace and not to make us do anything we weren’t comfortable with. Her voice was calming especially during the meditation practice. When she later asked if she could be my Doula (as part of her training) I said yes without a moment’s hesitation. Bethany was easy to relate to, as she has three children. Any fears or concerns I had, she was right there with a realistic answer. Bethany is experienced and confident in what she does. Anyone I know who is having a baby, I immediately recommend talking to Bethany; especially if they are hesitant to try Hypnobirthing.
My husband and I truly benefited from our Hypnobirthing sessions with Bethany. Even when I got the news that I would have to be induced due to complications with the baby, Bethany was calming me down on the phone. She gave me advice on how to relax and bring on contractions. While Bethany’s work was ‘done’ after the birth of my daughter, we stayed connected and I know she is ready for any questions I have. I truly don’t have enough words on how Bethany’s services have benefited my pregnancy, birth and after." - Allison, HypnoBirthing and Doula mom


"I am so happy that I took the hypnobirthing class with Bethany before the birth of my daughter. First off- let me say what a wonderful and accommodating person Bethany is, and how much she truly cares about the women/couples/families she works with! I can’t say enough about her flexibility and willingness to work with us as we were in a time crunch and my husband works difficult hours. She truly went out of her way to make sure we were able to attend the class before our daughter was born and I am so thankful she did! The whole philosophy behind hypnobirthing was incredibly calming and reassuring-- instead of being nervous about the birthing process, I was excited, prepared, and could not wait to experience it. Taking the class allowed me to prepare physically, mentally, emotionally, and incorporated my husband’s role as much as mine. It all made a huge difference when the time finally came, and it helped me tremendously throughout the entire birthing process  (which was more of a spiritual, emotional, and joyful experience than a process!). More than just learning and practicing the hypnobirthing, Bethany was (and still is!) also a wonderful resource for all things pregnancy/birthing/baby/nursing and more.  I cannot say enough how glad I am that I made hypnobirthing a part of my first birthing experience and I am so thankful for all of Bethany’s help and knowledge!" - Katie, HypnoBirthing mom


"Bethany replied to an inquiry I made for natural birth teachers. Even though she was located two hours away she arranged with one other couple to do a class in our area! The class was full of great information and practice, and Bethany did a great job teaching. Her post-class availability was the highlight. Via phone, email, text, or even Skype she answered many other questions after the class had concluded. I traveled to her a month or so before I was due for lunch and some more in-person practice. She was encouraging, generous and accepting. I highly recommend her as an instructor!" - Andrea, HypnoBirthing mom


"When I got pregnant with my second child I knew that all I wanted was to be able to deliver naturally. My first delivery was nothing I had anticipated and ended in a c-section. I felt I had been deprived of something I was born to do. so this time around I was determined to attempt a VBAC. With the help and guidance of Beth I was able to better understand my rights and abilities as a woman. I began taking hypnobirthing classes with her and was immediately hooked. Learning about the way a woman's body can help during that process was truly an eye opening experience.i then realized that I needed Beth's guidance during my birth so we asked her to be our doula. I was able to go into my birth with an open mind and heart. It was liberating to know that I had the knowledge and new found capabilities to attempt a VBAC. I owe that to Beth without her I would not have been able to go into my birthing experience as relaxed and prepared as I felt. While I was laboring I remember a point where I thought "I can't do this anymore" and Beth made me open my eyes and look at her and all she said while stroking my hand was "you can do this, just breath" and everything from class and our talks came back to me and I remember I relaxed for a moment and then never again thought I was doing something my body couldn't help me through. She worked with me and my family in every accommodating way and respected any and all decisions that we made. I truly believe that without the experience and wisdom that Beth brings with her my birth would not have been so enjoyable. Once my daughter was born she was laid on my chest and I just got to hold her for a moment that was something I never experienced with my first, it was amazing! After a short period I was able to start nursing her and it was a beautiful moment and I owe it to Beth for educating me and guiding me. Thank you." - Jenny, HypnoBirthing, Doula and VBAC mom


"Bethany McCarey-Hammond was an outstanding teacher – she is passionate about all things Birth-related and particularly about bringing new lives into this world in a peaceful, calm, beautiful, and empowered way.  I felt connected to Bethany immediately and she made clear that our Mama-teacher relationship need not be limited to classes.  She kept in touch with me throughout my pregnancy and I knew that I could always count on her to answer questions, calm any fears, or be a steady guide should I need her.  She is an excellent voice for Hypnobirthing, and a practitioner of consummate professionalism. 

I am a devoted Yogini, and strive to live a “yogic” life.   Hypnobirthing was the perfect compliment to my lifestyle and beliefs.  The breathing, focusing and visualization, partner touches and interactions all felt so right.  I was able to listen to my body for direction through my whole labor and every surge.  I had an incredibly wonderful and supportive midwife and labor nurse and they stood back until moments when I needed them, and Jim, my husband, was incredible, strong, such a loving birth partner.

My labor nurse and midwife said that it was the most Mom directed birth and labor they have ever accompanied (twenty five + years of experience between them!); it was the most powerful, energized, incredible experience of my life.  I am so grateful for Bethany’s teaching and friendship and her wonderful Mama inspirations throughout my pregnancy." - Erin, HypnoBirthing mom


"You will be amazed at how much strength you have within you-you will do absolutely whatever is necessary to deliver that baby. At the time your only focus is to get the baby out. And when it is over, you will say that was nothing like I expected. “ I firmly believe the tools I learned and practiced in hypno birthing helped keep me calm, and collected in a pregnancy that turned out to have many challenges in the end. I’ve never possessed such strength and calm EVER before.” Thank you. - Kathanne, HypnoBirthing mom